Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Numbers and nationality of world's seafarers

                                        Hi seafarer's ,see where does the indian seafarer's stands in the world............. 

                              The worldwide population of seafarers serving on internationally trading merchant ships is estimated to be in the order of 466,000 officers and 721,000 ratings.
                                The OECD countries (North America, Western Europe, Japan etc.) remain an important source for officers, but growing numbers of officers are now recruited from the Far East and Eastern Europe. The majority of the shipping industry's ratings are recruited from developing countries, especially the Far East and South East Asia.
                                 The Philippines and India are very significant maritime labour supply nations, with many seafarers from these countries enjoying employment opportunities on foreign flag ships operated by international shipping companies.                                                                           
                                   China has also seen a large increase in the number of seafarers, but at the moment most of these work on the Chinese fleet, meeting domestic requirements.
                                     Eastern Europe has recently become an increasingly large supplier of seafarers with high numbers from countries including the Ukraine, Croatia and Latvia.
Other major labour supply countries include Greece, Japan, Russia and the United Kingdom.
Source: BIMCO/ISF estimates