Thursday, 18 April 2013



   This is taken from the Captain VADAIKEL collection...He mentioned this as his friend's true story while onboard......

I remember the days , you threw your love on me strong

I was the typical sailor on shore leave— full of life

You were eager to walk with me,  on the wild side

You kept pouring love into my heart

Till I looked at you,  with eyes of love

It was love on a two way lane

Remember those seven day weekends

When we ate nothing but soul food

Then came the shipping recession, and my world crumbled

King Midas in reverse , I was in the middle of a heart ache

Slowly , but surely, you drifted away when I needed you the most

You had no use for knights in rusty armour

I tried dancing some more with you, on the jagged edge

Though I knew well , that it takes two to tango

I still remember the night you called it a day

Even while I desperately tried lighting candles in the rain

I cried all the way home—yes , sailors do cry!

You broke my heart in more places than I could ever find out

I had nobody to help me pick up the broken pieces

There was no sunshine for long after you left

It was permanent rainy season for my heart

My lips smiled , my eyes never did

I lived in a daze , in a black and white world

Sometimes I wondered, where all the flowers had gone

Yes baby, I loved you so much , it hurt ed

My friend hastened to tell me “ you need a vacation from love!’

Then my bewitching new love waltzed into my life

She knew all, but let me be her third world country

Her kisses were sweeter than wine

She had the chord of my heart go TWANG!

Let me tell you, you are nobody till somebody loves you

She wove my broken dreams and got me hummin’ again

Then BANG came the shipping boom, out of the blue

King Midas on overdrive, I became all over again

My cup of happiness overflowed like never before

Now you are on the other side of goodbye

You are just another faceless person in the crowd

“No parking for you” says the road signs in my heart

Now I can give you anything , but love

I thank god , you could not draw my well of love dry

Our love ghosts tango no longer

Our song has ended , the melody does not linger

My lovely dream weaver owns this heart, I once hung up for you

Please don’t talk about me , now that I am not yours